Consorsio Sapienza Innovazione

07/11/2012 11:40:47

CSI is a techno structure created by Sapienza University of Rome to provide support in exploiting the results of research activities by establishing new spin-off companies, promoting technology transfer, and establishing and running Joint Labs to carry out multidisciplinary public/private applied research programmes aimed at providing a constant flow of high technology solutions for innovation processes. CSI services include:


  • Joint Labs: multidisciplinary laboratories, built around the most promising technological areas and characterized by collaboration between private and public partners, that develop research activities and experimentation to support new enterprises.
  • Innovative spin-off enterprises: support the new entrepreneurs in the start-up and consolidation phase, with services ranging from studies of technical and economic feasibility, to finding financial support from external investor (e.g. venture capitalists).
  • Technology Transfer: promote the exploitation of research results offering, on the one hand, assistance to the commercialization and licensing (e.g., licensing and intellectual property), and on the other hand, finding opportunities for licensing to the market.

European Union funding opportunities: information services, specialized organizational and managerial counselling, planning and technical assistance (Project Management) for the participation to the calls within FP7.

Role in the project

Scientific coordination
Dissemination and Exploitation.

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