07/11/2012 11:41:48

CEGASA is an important business group which started as a battery manufacturer in 1934. The group is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of private label batteries and has experienced spectacular growth over the last decade, now commanding a strong market presence, both at home and abroad. CEGASA has an extensive sales and logistics network, operating in 8 different countries and exporting to 50 countries on the 5 continents. Throughout the last 8 decades, CEGASA has demonstrated its ability to develop and bring innovative solutions to market, putting the company at the forefront of technological development in the manufacture of consumer and portable batteries.

In order to adapt to the fast growing demands of recent times, wide ranging research into new energy storage technologies is in progress within the R&D Department of the company, with special focus on 3 main technologies:
1- Lithium-based systems: development work on Li-ion batteries during the last 10 years has led the company to a forefront position regarding the manufacturing, integration and distribution of Li-ion batteries for EV and other applications. Research on next generation Li-ion and other high energy density systems such as lithium-polymer and lithium-sulfur are also being carried out within this line.
2- Zinc-Air industrial batteries: activities based on materials and processes improvement oriented to the development of rechargeable zinc systems.
3- Fuel Cells: development of small scale PEMFC <5kW, for portable and stationary applications.
Tasks attributed within the project
Leader of WP8 Scaling-up to large battery cell prototypes. CEGASA will contribute their expertise as battery
manufacturer with the design and assembly of the up scaled lithium-sulphur cells from the electrodes and
electrolytes developed within the project. It will also participate to tasks in WP 3, 6, 7, 9 and 10 (evaluation
of the technology by supporting and providing inputs for the automotive cell specifications, up-scaling of
components, testing procedure definitions and final testing of the proof-of-concept cells, as well as data for
life cycle assessment). Furthermore, CEGASA will participate in WP1, 2 and 11).
Igor CANTERO Uribe-Echeberria