The call for International, European & National Projects Dissemination is open!

31/05/2013 15:57:17

This year, a new section dedicated to International, European and National Projects Dissemination has been opened at EVS27.

Whereas the traditional EVS program focuses on the scientific progress and innovations in Electric mobility and where all presented papers need to pass a peer review evaluation process, the 'Projects Dissemination' section of EVS27 will be dedicated to projects and allow the dissemination of their results, good practices, lessons learned and recommendations to an international audience of professionals and decision-makers.
The topics for this session cover activities across all fields related to battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles, as well as topics related to market deployment, business models and public policies. Multi-Modal mobility, Urban Logistics, Demonstration & Promotion, Education & Training, Inductive charging infrastructure, Smart charging & Smart grid, Standardization & Interoperability and ICT for connected electric mobility are a few examples of the topics that will be addressed in this new section of EVS27.
The deadline for application is July 15.
And because “good news always comes in pairs”, we are pleased to announce that the REGISTRATION for EVS27 is NOW open!